RELEASE DATE 2011-08-22
LABELS We Blast Out Records
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DJing electronic music since the 13 years old, Diego Santos began his love for BPMs on the drum’n'bass movement of the east side of Sao Paulo. Since then, his attachment to music was strictly unconditional. Starts to producing in 2007, when it happened the fall of drum n bass and the emergence of new genres like dubstep, the new french school and house music, and the boom of sounds came from ghettos of Brazil: the funk carioca, out to the world as baile funk, mingled in every dj sets from techno to electro, hip hop and house. With so many exciting things happening at the same time, sought to guide his DJ sets with a little bit of everything, mixing trends with peripheral sounds, regional. To do this, he gave life to the project ‘MILF’ going from dutch house to baile funk, and plays with uk funky, dubstep, fidget house, bassline and bmore. Member of the Dirty Kidz Gang, a Brazilian collective of DJs, producers, designers and party-makers of the electronic underground scene of Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre and LA.